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Choice ME Ventures

Building Concrete Forms

Veneers & Finishes

Gypsum Wallboard

The interior side of the insulated forms are furred with pressure treated lumber, or metal strips, and are ready to receive Gypsum Wallboard (provision and installation by others). This wallboard shall be installed in accordance with local regulations and manufacturer specifications.

Cementitious Coating

For Cementicious finishes use a scratch coat, followed by a texture finish on the exterior side.

The following materials must be used:

Exterior Veneers

On the projects designed with exterior siding planks, Choice ME Special Concrete Walls have a standard configuration, per request, that includes furring on the exterior of the wall.

Other veneers such as exterior brick or stone can be easily installed on our walls using conventional anchors attached to the steel stud or directly to the concrete after the walls are poured.


Choice ME Ventures