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Building Concrete Forms

Choice ME Ventures Concrete Walls using EBS technology offers you a cost competitive way to attain up to 23 of a minimum of 26 points required to obtain LEED-NC Certification.

Local and national governments continue to improve building codes, and offer major tax credits, incentives, grants, and fast tracking through permitting for building “green”. The national trend towards “green building” awareness is gaining popularity exponentially, so much so that real estate organizations have adopted a “green home” certified category.

There is documented proof that environmentally friendly projects command a higher market price and demand. Operating costs are reduced from the first month through the life of the project. This has prompted national mortgage companies to offer “green mortgages”, qualifying more clients and increasing their purchasing power. By stopping water intrusion, mold and mildew, Choice ME Concrete Walls with EBS technology contributes to the overall health of families, and employee’s productivity.

When looking at all these factors, building your project with Choice ME Concrete Walls not only costs less monetarily, protects your family and/or employees, but is a significant start to saving the environment for future generations.

Choice ME Ventures