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Building Concrete Forms

Fire Resistance Rating

Choice ME Special Concrete Walls with EBS technology consist of a 4”, 6” or 8” (typ.) thick cast-in-place concrete, reinforced with vertical steel studs, horizontal rebar, and with different combinations of cladding.

The Fire-resistance Assembly Rating with finishes of gypsum wallboard on one or both sides calculated in accordance with the FBC Section 721.2.1.4 and tables 721.2.1.1, 721.2.1.4(1), 721.2.1.4(2), is established on the fire-resistance rating table shown below.

Other assemblies not included on this section can be calculated in compliance with the FBC.

Wall Penetration

Where a fire-resistance rated wall needs to be penetrated by other items such as steel, copper pipes or steel conduits, the annular space between the penetrating items and the concrete shall be protected by a FBC approved penetration fire stop caulk. This product must be tested in accordance with ASTM E 814 or UL 1479 and installed as per manufacturer specifications.

Where the penetrating item is a maximum of 6” nominal diameter and the opening is a maximum of 144 square inches, concrete, grout or mortar can be used to fill the gap thick enough to maintain the fire-resistance rating of the wall.

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