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Building Concrete Forms

Floor & Roof Systems

Choice ME Special Concrete Walls are custom made system that accepts all types of mix-construction connections. There are different ways to connect floors and roofs systems to our walls.

Tie Down Connectors

Most connectors between concrete and wood or steel are compatible with the System.

Embedded truss strap connectors like “Simpson Strong-Tie” Meta or Heta type as shown on figure 8 are common on hurricane resistant constructions.

Figure 8

Figure 9

Connectors fastened to the concrete are also common and attached to the wall like “Simpson Strong-Tie” MTSM or HTSM type (twist straps) when embedded straps are not practical. See figure 9.

Ledger Hangers

Where the wood trusses or light weight steel joists require ledger boards, the connection could be done using “J” bolts embedded in the concrete wall, as standard concrete construction.

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Concrete Floors / Roofs

Conventional Cast-in-Place floors and roofs integrate well with Choice ME Special Concrete Walls.

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Steel Rod Joist & Metal Deck Assemblies

The composite system made of Steel Joist, metal deck poured with concrete on top, is another option for floors and roofs, especially on commercial buildings.

For this purpose the walls, as cast-in-place concrete forms, are ready to receive the joists and deck. If necessary, the deck and the upper portion of the wall could be poured at the same time, this assures concrete continuity.

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Choice ME Ventures