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Building Concrete Forms

Our Construction Method Eliminates The High Investment In Forms Used In Constructing Poured Concrete Walls.

Other significant cost-related EBS technology advantages are:

  • Faster construction times
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Sales differentiation
  • Green construction
  • Reduced litigation risk
Cycle times
Our building components using EBS Forms encompasses several different building components: walls, sills, beams, columns, tie beam, furring, and insulation, all of which are set at an average rate of 5,000 sq ft a day. We save weeks and sometimes months in completing projects.
Fortified Construction
Our structures are certified “Fortified Construction”. There is an opportunity for reduction of your insurance costs for building with Choice ME Ventures components.
Structures built by Choice ME Ventures components are water resistant, mold resistant, sound resistant, and will not step crack. All of these problems contribute significantly to maintenance costs. For builders and developers that retain their projects this cost is considerable.
When you build with Choice ME Concrete Walls you are selling a Storm & Wind Resistant, Water Resistant, Mold Resistant, Green Project that is cost competitive with traditional construction methods and will save the end user money from the first day through the life of the project.
There is increasing number of opportunities for governmental grants and credits for building green. Even minimal steps towards building green may result in fast tracking through permitting, green mortgages, and sales differentiation.
Sound, water intrusion, mold, and job site injuries are all costly litigation risks. A Choice ME installation crew consist of six men, reducing the potential for injury. Our finished projects dramatically reduce sound transmission, water intrusion, and mold generation.

Building stronger, faster, and greener reduces the initial and life cycle cost of your project, whether directly or through the risk of litigation. These costs are sizable and should definitely be considered when pricing out your project.

Choice ME Ventures