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Choice ME Ventures

Building Concrete Forms

Choice ME Structures using EBS Forms encompass building components: walls, sills, beams, columns, tie beam, furring, and insulation.

One six man installation crew is capable of setting an average of 5,000 sq ft a day. At this rate we save weeks and sometimes months on the time it takes to complete a project.

Our Concrete Structures provide you with:

Choice ME Structures using EBS Froms are built off site in a controlled environment. We provide complete turn-key installations using our own crews, trailers, cranes, and pump trucks.

Trades that follow find work to be easier and faster with Choice ME Special Concrete Walls with EBS technology than with other traditional building methods.

From Manufacturing to Installation our building philosophy is clear:

Our present production capacity is 12,000 sq meters per week. Using multiple Choice ME crews in a large commercial project or a community save months and sometimes years on cycle times

Choice ME Ventures