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Choice ME Ventures

Building Concrete Forms

Concrete Structures built by Choice ME Ventures are storm & wind resistant and seismic resistant.

These structures, using Permanent Forms developed by Efficient Building Systems (EBS), far exceed the building codes for which they were tested (See test results and approvals in the Technical section of the website presentation).

Choice ME Concrete Walls built with EBS technology are panelized, custome built in a plant, and stay-in-place to become and integral part of the final project. These forms are then shipped, erected, and filled with concrete at the site. The concrete thickness is normally four, six or eight inches, depending on load conditions. Larger widths can be made upon request. Gables, curves, and complex geometrical shapes are also possible.

Our walls are used for:

Structures may reach 30’ elevations without a floor load. Higher elevations are possible. Multiple story structures can be built without additional steel frame.

The walls built by Choice ME Ventures offer all the inherent strengths of solid cast in place concrete without the persistent problems associated with the exposed joints, connecting and sealing of pre-cast concrete panels.

Choice ME Ventures